Jennie Ve Photo Collection


This is my collection of photos I took while Jennie and I dated and when she was Jennie Cheng when we were married.  This is an enormous collection of photos from 2001-2008... Over 50,000 photos!!!  Needless to say I've only updated a selected subset.  Jennie Ve was 18 when we met and we divorced when she was 25.  She then went back to being Jennie Ve from Jennie Cheng.  Needless to say these are the prime time for female body's beauty.  Jennie Ve was 5'5" tall and about 115 lbs.  Jennie was lovely and was a great model.  Jennie modeled every style from semi-nudes, sexy provocative, flashing voyeurism, implied nudes to XXX.  Many times Jennie went out without any bras or panties.  We photographed in every possible location, from parks to dressing rooms while having sex.  It was memorable.  Jennie was memorable  I've learned a great deal about photographing the female from Jennie and I hope you will too by examining these photos.  The EXIF is available in each photo.  You can see my photography skills and style improved over the years.  Not to mention the cameras also got an upgrade and got expensive too.

Please do not defame any of these photos or use them illegally.  Do not use them commercially without permission.  I reserve the copyrights to these photos.  These photos are not for sale so please do not offer to buy the rights to use any of these photos.  It is strictly for educational demonstration of photography style and technique.

Click on the following link to enter the gallery of photos.  Photos have nudity so enter if you're 18 and over and have appreciation for nudity and provocative photography.